Polycarbonate Drinking Glasses

Polycarbonate Glasses
Our glasses look like glass, feel like glass but they don't break like glass. Made of unbreakable polycarbonate, they are designed to last. They are easy to handle, hygenic, durable and stylish. They are dishwasher safe and retain their clarity and other properties after dishwashing.
No more broken glass
Our glasses are unbreakable. You'll know the difference when you drop them, throw them, step on them ... They are the perfect choice for occasions where real glass is impractical and dangerous.
Resistant to wear and tear
Our glasses are designed to be stylish and functional and built to stay that way. They resist breakage and retain their clarity even after years of tough handling. They are dishwasher and micro-oven safe, and withstand temperatures from -40ºC to +120ºC which makes them well suited for both hot and cold beverages.
Easy to handle
The weight of our glasses is just 1/5 of the weight of comparable glassware. That means lighter and easier handling. Interior stacking lugs make stacking and storing very easy.
Environmental friendly
The production process of our glasses consumes only 1/9 of the energy used for the production of comparable real glass. Our glasses are much lighter than conventional glassware and can be stacked much more efficiently which means that energy is also saved when transporting the goods. Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable. The material can be used for production of new plastic products, when the glasses after years of service have fulfilled their purpose.
Cost saving
Unbreakable our glasses are designed to last and reduce breakage. As there will be no broken glass, savings will also be made in tidying costs.
High quality printing
All products can be printed in 1-5 colours even in small quantities to a reasonable price.
Colour matching
For orders exceeding 10.000 pcs, we can deliver all models coloured according to the PMS-scale.
Glasses for all occasions
Two product lines, available in 5 sizes will cover most needs for serving all kinds of hot and cold beverages.
Linking with Akvila
One of the leaders in manufacturing a wide range of polycarbonate glasses MaxImpression Ltd now offer the Akvila range with high quality printing. The Akvila polycarbonates are so durable they are offered with a 5 year unbreakable guarantee.

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