Magi-Mark (Magnetic Book Mark)

The Brilliant new Marketing tool

The innovative design of the Magimark bookmark allows you to achieve increased brand awareness from a product that really offers your customers long term usage.

The potential to print up to four colours on both sides makes the Magimark an attractive promotional tool, especially for product launches, campaigns, customer relations and souvenirs.

2,000 5,000 10,000 28,000 50,000 100,000
£0.32 £0.30 £0.28 £0.24 £0.22 £0.20

Standard MAGIMARK with paper flyer (double whammy).
Ideal for messages or mailings with lots of information 'flyer' gives far more script and branding area MAGIMARK is inserted in slot with 'KEY' information on it (e.g.web site phone number and deal) invariably 'flyer is discarded by consumer BUT the MAGIMARK kept as a useful item.

5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000
£0.46 £0.39 £0.35 £0.33 £0.31

Standard MAGIMARK but '1up' (that's single FLAT and in bulk)
Designed for 'inserts' in MAGIZINES where item is 'tipped' (glued to flyer by printer of magazine.

Also used in multiple centre distribution where 'staff available to finish (simply fold) the flat item as they pass it to customer.EG Bank or Building Society Branches.

Cost savings against standard 'Promotional Item' are significant.

28,000 56,000 84,000 140,000
£0.17 £0.14 £0.125 £0.12

'4 up' 'Country Walking' Style
Designed as a sheet of 4 to allow automatic fill in magazines and publications allows 4 designs/messages to be delivered direct to consumer.

Magazines can also use to create additional revenue by selling space (on MAGIMARK) to advertisers. Has room for additional Branding/messages and consumer instructions on 'waste section' of sheet.

5,000 28,000 56,000 84,000
£0.85 £0.60 £0.44 £0.41

MEGA MAGIMARKS (same concept just bigger) 16 cm x 4.4 cm
For use when a larger message or more information is required. Ideal for RETAIL GIFT item RRP of 1.50.

14,000 28,000 56,000 112,000
£0.45 £0.32 £0.27 £0.24

NEW for 2006 --Polypropylene (plastic) MAGIMARK in the standard size. MUCH more durable but again more expensive 28000 Minimum runs per production (designs can vary in this production).

28,000 56,000 84,000 140,000
£0.40 £0.34 £0.31 £0.29

All costs exclude Origination, Carriage & VAT.

When supplying artwork this must be in an ".eps" Illustrator format, all fonts vectorised with graphics and pictures in CMYK

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