Le Clasp


The Le Clasp Key Organiser is a timeless classic with many millions sold worldwide.

The user freindly mechanism allows for the quick attachment and removal of keys, helping to avoid frustration and broken nails, click on the picture to see what else this clever little device can hold.

LeClasp's revolutionary, ultra-solid and easy-to-use “thumb-forefinger” release lets users effortlessly add and remove ALL size keys thus ridding them of the daily frustrations associated with standard key holders.

EACH LeClasp™ is equipped with four (4) split rings that lets recipients conveniently GROUP frequently handled keys into "sets" of 2-6 keys per split ring. We recommend you dedicate the 1st split ring to your “set” of house keys, the 2nd to your “set” of remote starter\car keys, the 3rd to your “set” of work keys, and so on. For those of us with a countless number of keys, the modular design easily expands to hold up to nine (9) additional “sets” of keys.

Now... momentarily envision yourself EFFORTLESSLY pulling off and tossing warehouse keys to an impatient supervisor; or COOLLY removing the remote car starter from your key holder on a snowy day, while wearing thick, warm mittens; or, if you prefer, INSTANTLY detaching your house keys for your kid --- without having to leave the poolside to wash the sun lotion off your hands.

Le Clasp products have a very high standard of quality, with a high perceived value, which reflects on any company using them for promotional purposes.

Full colour or screen printed images, exact PMS colour are possible and Can be supplied in White Nickel, Gold Tone, Satin Chrome or Satin Gold. (Prices shown for White Nickel & dependant on artwork supplied)

Origination £27.50 per colour
All costs exclude Carriage and VAT.
Colours 125 250 500 1000
1 £3.15 £2.98 £2.72 £2.56
2 £3.45 £3.16 £2.84 £2.72
3 £3.78 £3.46 £3.22 £3.08
4 £4.08 £3.92 £3.60 £3.35

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