CROMA Dual Sided Key-Tag


The Croma Twin Key-tag is an excellent advertising medium which gives you the opportunity of having both sides printed using Permavision. With the AC2222 you can, on one side, imprint the logo of the brand with several colors and on the other side put names, addresses, e-mail. Keyring Prices

It is the ideal support for :

A regional division of a car manufacturer used the Croma Twin key-tags to put forward and promote all its outlets. With the logo of the manufacturer on one side, the name and address of each outlet on the other side. 45,000 were distributed through 500 outlets
In order to announce the arrival of their new sponsor, a regional football club had the wonderful idea to use the Croma Twin key-tags. 5 000 key-tags were printed in the colours of the two partners. On one side the colours of the football club and on the other side the colours of the new sponsor. Distributed during the matchs, the key-tags were a symbol of the clubs revival.
Two companies chose to use the flexibility of the Croma Twin key-tags to communicate their association. 10 000 key-tags were printed in 4 colors. Distributed on a large scale, the Croma Twin key-holder symbolized the alliance of those both companies.
An important association (non profit making) bought 10 000 Croma Twin key-tags in order to raise funds. The Croma Twin key-tags were imprinted as follows: slogan and logo of the association on one side and the different addresses of the association on the other side.The key-tags were sold at 1.52 Euros each and more than 15 244,90 Euros were collected in a very few weeks.
Service Companies
A taxi company, composed of fifty vehicles, bought 10,000 Croma Twin key-tags in order to promote the company. One side was printed with the company logo in 2 colours and the other side printed with the TC14 theme which is a symbol of a taxi together with the telephone number and the name of the driver. Following the distribution of the Croma twin there was a significant increase in the number of fares.
A company recently mailed nearly 2000 prospects with The Croma Twin printed in 4 colours with the company logo etc. On each key-tag, a number was registered to organise a draw in order to create more business. The result was a huge success with more than one hundred new interesting contacts! The Managing Director thanked his Specialty Advertising councillor for this fabulous interactive idea, and assured him that he would be dealing with all his future campaigns.

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