Fundraising Success Formula

To help fundraising for your favourite project, promotional items offer a great solution.

Find a method with appeal to members and helpers - volunteers are often limited.

Look for a point of difference, have the cake, not just a slice.

Raffles & Draws
Unique or Different sells raffles, stalls and fetes are hard work and often NOT always very effective.

Look for something with maximum return for minimal effort, not the opposite.

Target Market
Identify your market and focus on the best options.

Maximise your organisation's exposure and awareness to the public.

Deal with the experts in the business', don't go it alone.

Vary your campaigns and don't repeat the same ones constantly.
For Bone China Mugs


Clothing Offers
Avoid over commitment in either funds or resources. Manage your money carefully and open a separate bank account.

Have individuals assume the responsibility for various jobs and report regularly.

Do not leave your fundraising to the last minute it will be doomed to failure.

Promote through no cost methods, editorials, announcements, notice boards etc. Consider spending some of your income on promotion, it can work for you too.

Donors usually look for something in return for their pound, give them value for money.

Thank you
Always say thank you to all those who have put the effort in.

Ideas for fundraising

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