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Finding Products

I can't find the item I want, can you help?
Yes, Most Likely! We have over 200,000 Items to choose from in 200 factories nation and worldwide. Contact us, we specialize in taking care of our customers, this means if it can be found, we will do our best to find it for you.We want to earn your business, and have the tools to do what it takes!


How do I Order? ~ Can I Order Online?
We have the online catalogue for you to be able to view more products than you could possibly view in a printed catalogue. After you decide what you would like, or have used the website to get some ideas, give us a call, use the contact page, or request a quote to let us know your needs. We will make sure you are well taken care of. We produce orders to your specifications, pricing varies with the number of colours in the imprint, the number of locations being printed and the qty you’re ordering, etc.
We belive you deserve a person who understands your project and needs, and is in chrage of your project from start to finish.

I don't have time to figure this out right now. Can I just speak with someone about my sample/quote/order?
Yes, absolutely Call us right away on +44 208 5448044. We can and will help.

What if I Need it Really Fast?
We have some products that allow as little as 24 hours from artwork acceptance to shipping. Some items are a three day turnaround time. Once you decide on a product, contact us right away so we may rush to meet your deadline. Be advised that rush orders do cost more.

How long does an order usually take?
In most cases, we can deliver your goods in 15 days or less from artwork approval. We do have certian items that take less time, and even 3 day and 24 hour print items.

What are the payment terms?
On a first order with us we do request a 50% payment on approval of the artwork and then the remainder 14 days from the date of invoice for approved accounts we will waive the 50% payment and accept the total invoiced within 14 days.

What are Set Up Fees, and do I need them?
It is a fee charged by the manufacturer for labour and materials needed in order to transfer your logo to the printing method. A silk-screen requires a screen fee for every colour, this is needed to manufacturer the screens that are needed for printing your logo. A deboss or hot stamp requires that we make you a metal plate for which the machine makes your imprint which is otherwise known as a plate or a die. Digitizing for embroidery is the most expensive process, the embroiderer has to make you a digitized tape so the stitching machine can recreate your logo on fabric. The prices charged by us are normally the price charged to us be the manufacturer, we only add to these costs when we have to modify any artwork provided. The plate, screen, or mold will be kept for up to 2 years for reorders, this way you do not have to pay another setup charge again.


Can I get a sample of the item I'm interested in?
Yes, samples for all products can be ordered on our order form. We do ask that you let us know a little bit about the order you are considering placing so we can best service you when ordering samples.

Can I get a sample with my logo on it to see how it will look exactly?
Yes, we can have the factory actually slow production, and make you one item with logo on it. This is worth doing so you know exactly how it will look and make any changes you woudl like before having your whole order printed. The factory does charge for this service called the "Pre-production Sample". It can run from £30.00 - £200.00. The average cost is £100.00 to have this service done.

I used to get Free Samples, Why are they not all free anymore?
Where it is a plastic pen or one of the cheaper items we still try to send free samples, but it is a sore subject for us, we used to send every sample for free with the agreement that they would be returned if no order was placed. But let me first say that almost nothing in life is free. We have absorbed some enourmous costs with the higher carriage rates, plus the prices of some of the costlier items to be able to send our customers samples. This was always on the honor system of returning the items, which only actually happens about 25% of the time. Of the 25% of the items that are returned we have to store these samples and inventory them so the next person will get the one we have in stock instead of shipping from the factory. There were three factors driving up some enourmous costs, 1. Having to pay for the item and shipping - 2. High Costs to manage the returns, wharehouse, and inventory. - 3. Staff spending time contacting the "I will return those items" people who were not doing so. All of our customers are savvy business people, so you well know we have to pass those costs on to customers by rasing prices, or find a better way. The better way is we request payment (sometimes this is to cover the carriage cost) in advance for the sample, and we will credit you the item price once you place an order, thereby the sample itself is free. You will still need to pay the actual carriage cost. Please see
Sample Policy for any other questions, or contact your Account Representative.


Artwork, EPS, Vector - It's all Greek to me! What do I do?
Relax, we have you covered. The best thing you can do is get the origional of the logo from the designer, tell them we like vector artwork best, or have your graphic designer visit our Artwork Specifications page. If you do not have that available to you, we have a Graphics Designer available who works on a per piece basis, we charge £45.00 per hour, and normally can create acceptable results within the first hour, we can normally turn things around in 2 to 4 days. Any work we do will be your property once you have paid for your complete order.

My Artwork needs to be redone, or I wan't to add something to it. Can you help with that?
Yes we can, our graphic artist charges on a per piece basis, the rate is £45.00 per hour. Small jobs can be done with a £25.00 charge.

How do I upload Logo Artwork?
If you want to use a graphic located on your local computer, you should click on the "Browse" button and locate on your hard drive the file to upload, then simply attach to an email addressed to

What happens if I don't have Logo Artwork on my computer?
You can upload from a cd rom, or disk by browsing to that disk while in the approprioate drive. If you don't have the origional it is best to get the artwork from the origional designer, AI, or EPS is the preferred format because it produces the best image quality. Please review our page
Logo Requirements for additional info. We do have a Graphic Artist available who is paid on a fee basis of £45.00 per hour who can reproduce most logos (normally within the first hour) within a few days from either letterhead or businness card.

What is the minimum resolution for Logo Artwork?
All artwork must be at least at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) minimum for the printing process.

What is the difference between bitmap and eps Logo Artwork file types?
Bitmap images are defined by a precisely "mapped" collection of individual dots or pixels of various colours. EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files define graphics using mathematical algorithms that allow for scaling and modification without much loss of image resolution.

What does 4-colour process mean? When should I use it?
If you have a photographic or painting type of image, chances are you will want to use a four colour process for decorating your product. The four colour process will recreate a photo realistic image. It is also sometimes used to represent artwork that uses more than four solid colours because using only four colours is more economical. The CMYK process uses combinations of varying sizes of blue (Cyan), red (Magenta), yellow (Yellow), and black (blacK) dots to create images just like your printer for your computer does.

For other Artwork Questions, Please visit our Artwork Specifications page.

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