At MaxImpression Ltd our badge manufacturer's are specialists, and have many types to choose from and almost every design is possible. Please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss and help you create your designed badge.
hard enamel badges Hard Enamel
The enamel is filled to the same level as the polished metal, giving the most prestigious finish. Best for corporate jewellery and finest quality pins.
soft enamel badges Soft Enamel - Photo Etched
Brass metal which can be plated in a variety of metals. Individual colours are separated by a metal keyline allowing fine keyline detail.
die struck , die cast badges Die Struck / Die Cast
Thick brass metal which is die stamped and satin-finished or filled with enamel colours separated by a metal keyline. The process is ideal for the 'embossed' look.
steel printed badges Steel / Printed Badges
Steel or brass with optional metal plating. Cost effective and good for the larger volume orders.
injection moulded Injection Moulded
The injection moulded process produced in metal alloy is ideal for intricate detail and thick metal badges with soft or hard enamel, if required. Also available in antique finishes.
conference badges Conference Badges
Digitally printed conference badges, membership cards, ID cards and keyrings. Available in laminated plastic or aluminium.
Coasters Coasters
PVC provides a method for producing a bespoke shaped coaster design, 4mm thick.
Coasters Lanyards
Available in many colours with a variety of fittings/pvc wallets. Other Lanyards items are also available.

hard enamel badges, soft badges, keyrings, fridge magnets, tiepins and cufflinks for corporate, charities fundraising

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